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Top 10 Strange Cities in the World

In the world, there are many things we do not know about, for example, the creatures, the buildings and so on. Sometimes, we just look from those outlook, we will find out those are ordinary. However, if we discover more or look thoroughly within those things, we will see those are strange in a certain feature. Since there are many strange things in the world, I am going to introduce the top 10 strange cities in the world. What ate those cities strange about? Are the strange of their constructions, buildings, people or something else? To be sure of the strange feature within each city, read the following list.

1. Venice

Venice is located in Italy; Venice is mostly covered by canals rather than streets. This city is strange of its transportation; that is used waterborne as a transport. It is also strange in regarded to one of the most haunted cities in the world. The haunted story started since early time when Macro Polo’s lonely wife committing suicide according to legend. Since then, there is an eerie sound coming from the mazy passageways near the Teatro Maliban. For one who would like to explore more about this strange city, there are some companies guiding them.


2. The Villages

Another strange city in the world is The Villages, situated in Florida, USA. It is quite strange that each house in the city need to consist at least one member who is over age 55 , and the city is not allow who is under 19 to be resident. Mostly, this strange city designs or creates activities for elder people and it is an active retiree’s city.

the villages
The Villages

3. Dubai

Dubai: Located in United Arab Emirates, Dubai was constructed a great marvelous reclamation project which was made of in palm-tree shape. Also, there is another project which is built ski slopes in shopping malls, the underwater hotels and enormous towers. The strangest thing of this city is there are no bars even though there are many attractive building constructions. If you are looking for bars, you have to go into an International hotel for a drink while a constant soundtrack is revealed.


4. Iquitos

In Peru, there is a strange city called Iquitos. It is a secluded place from the rest of the world as it is deep in the Amazon rainforest, but there are over 400000 people living. This isolated and strange city can be reached by plane or boat because there are no roads to reach to Iquitos. When you leave the city limit, you will be accustomed to the world of piranhas, anacondas and rare parrots that make the city to be a strange city in the world.


5. Garbage City

Garbage city is located in Manshiyat Naser, Egypt. When we hear about garbage, maybe we do not want to visit or stay at. However, the city residents grab the benefit from garbage to survive their everyday life by collecting, sorting and disposing. It is a dangerous lifestyle but they start to recycle an astonishing 80-90% of what they find. It becomes a strange city in the world because we would not find the second city which is a trash-flowing city.

garbage city
Garbage City

6. White Man in A Hole

Situated in Coober Pedy, Australia, White Man in A Hole is a strange city where is about 3500 people living underground in refurbish mines. To shelter or relax from daytime work, miners built this cavernous community where there are underground church, museums, potteries, shops, an art gallery and a hotel were built. At night time, there is golf activity played on grassless field by the miners.

White Man in The Hole
White Man in a Hole

7. Jewish Autonomous Oblast

The strange city of historical site is Jewish Autonomous Oblast where is situated in Birobidzhan, Russia. Unlike other strange cities, Jewish Autonomous Oblast is strange for its cold and half-deserted historical relic which is a monument of whose dream of a “Soviet Zion”. Until now, this city remains Yiddish culture, architectures and traditions.

Jewish Autonomous Oblast
Jewish Autonomous Oblast

8. Nicosia

From the outlook view, you will find out that Nicosia is a modern and an ordinary city, but when you approach to the middle of the city, you will find incredible thing. In the middle of the city, there are the UN buffer zone between the two halves of the country, abandoned houses and army checkpoints. After crossing the checkpoints, you will see the Turkish Cypriot zone from the Greek Cypriot zone; that is make you shock about. This strange city is usual outside but extraordinary inside in where you enter to a city with bazars, mosques and buildings in the Ottoman Empire era. Nicosia is a two-different-world city where is situated in Cyprus.



Located in Austria, Vienna attracts many visitors every year due to its Schonbrunn Palace, State Opera House and the like. On the contrary, besides the attractions, Vienna is totally a strange city where a complex language is used in the International Esperanto Museum that hardly anyone speaks. Also, there is an International Museum of Contraception and Abortion which is similar to abortion clinic. Another strange place within the city is Criminal Museum which is full of murdered corpses’ pictures.


10. Dwarf City

In China, one will find a lot of interesting place to visit. Meanwhile, one will never know about a dwarf city. One will think that it may be a fiction story when talking about dwarf creatures. Precisely, this strange city is founded by a 44 year olds Chen Mingjing who created the theme park in Kunming Mountains for the little people in China. To be a resident in this strange city, one should not be taller than 4’3”, and now the population in dwarf city is about 120 dwarfs. It is a strange city of human kinds.

Dwarf City
Dwarf City

In brief, everything in the world is not the same all the time. Some are normal like others while some are strange from others. Sometimes, people try to create strange building within the city to attract visitors to visit. To who interested in discover strange cities in the world, hope the above list could give them some guidelines.