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Top 10 Places to Fly the Gliders

Have you ever thought of being able to fly? Some people, who have no fear of height, probably want to experience flying once in their life, and so do I. Not to mention about airplane which can’t make you feel you are flying, paragliding can make your dream come true. Paragliding or hang-gliding will allow you to travel along the following wind. Of course, paragliding is available in many places around the world. However, this articles will lead you to the top 10 best destinations where you can fly the glider.

1. Chamonix, France:

With regard to paragliding or hang-gliding, France is well-known for having most paragliding sites in the world. Chamonix is well-known not only for skiing destination but also for paragliding Canada Goose Toronto
and hang-gliding. Chamonix is a hotshot paragliding site which has a large number of paragliding fans. Chamonix is undoubtedly one of the best places for flying glider due to its wonderful panoramic view of The Alps and the proximity to Mont Blanc—the highest peak in Europe and a popular take-off point.


2. Olüdeniz, Turkey:

Having breathtaking scenery, Olüdeniz is one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean shore and also a popular paragliding site. Launching from the Babadag mountain (which is about 2,000 meters high), you will fly over the bay of Olüdeniz, the mountains and the national park before landing on one of the five best beaches in the world. Olüdeniz has a nice temperature which is suitable for paragliding; the weather is never too hot (always below 25oC), and 80% of days are flyable.


3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

It is not only famous for its statue Christ the Redeemer but also a wonderful place for hang-gliding or paragliding. Rio de Janeiro is considered as one of the best glider-flying sites regarding Canada Goose online to its ideal high hills and favorable winds. There is always a constant breeze, which makes flying always possible. You will start off your paragliding in Pedra Bonita which is a mountain located in the São Conrado area. Then you will fly over the Tijuca Forest around Pedra Bonita, Pedra da Gávea, as well as the São Conrado neighborhood, and Pepino beach.


4. Pokhara Valley, Nepal:

This locates on the land of Himalayas—home of some highest mountains in the world. Even though there are many paragliding sites on this mountain range, Phokhara Valley is a remarkable one due to its staggering views of the Annapurna, the Himalayas, and the Phewa Lake. Your paragliding will be taken off at Sarangkot, a hilly village in vicinity. Then you will fly over some beautiful places such as Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Machapuchare (6,993 m), and the Annapurna II (7,937 m).

pokhara valley


5. Cape Town, South Africa:

Cape Town is the second most populous city which is great to visit. Cape Town possesses a spectacular view of Table Mountain and beautiful Bloubergstrand Beach. To see better scenery, paragliding in Cape Town can help you. Launching from Table Mountain, Lions Head or Signal Hill, you will see amazing views which offer you an unforgettable memory ever.

Cape Town, South Africa

6. Washington, USA:

consists of expansive hilly regions which are made for paragliding. Among all of those regions, Tiger Mountain, Issaquah is a noticeable one which has natural, beautiful views. Daylight hour is extended in the summer; that’s why many people come to enjoy paragliding here. Not only does paragliding here allow you to see the beautiful sunset, but also it provides you with stunning view of Mt. Si, Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier and Lake Sammamish.

7. Castelluccio, Italy:

Castelluccio is the highest village in the Apennines regarding to its 1452 meters high. Although it is just a small town, it is well-known for its colorful valleys which provide the wonderful view in the spring and summer. The best time of the year you can visit is from late May to early June. Being as one of the best paragliding sites, Castelluccio consists of paragliding and hang-gliding schools which provide you an awesome flying experience ever.


8. Wengen, Switzerland:

When talking about Switzerland, some people may think of Interlaken. Well, they are both popular sites. However, Wengen is a better paragliding spot. Wengen provides you with great service of many activities such as hiking, skiing, especially paragliding or hang-gliding. Paragliding will take place around Grindelwald, from Mürren, as well as above Lauterbrunnen. Here, you will be enable to explore the Jungfrau-Aletsch site protected by UNESCO

9. Queenstown, New Zealand:

Queenstown is one of the most famous resorts in New Zealand. It consists of a large number of activities including paragliding. Queenstown is built around Lake Wakatipu and is surrounded by the South Alps, making it a popular site for jumping off and flying. The amazing nature has attracted more glider flyers. Also, paragliding in Qeenstown is available all year round.

Queenstown, New Zealand


10. Danyang, South Korea:

is a paragliding paradise which takes you two and a half hour from Seoul. Owning the beautiful natural surroundings, Danyang is a popular tourist destination for paragliding and hang-gliding. Two runways, from where the fantastic sites of mountains and valleys open, are Mt. Yangbangsan and Mt. Dusan.


In conclusion, paragliding is a popular recreational sport which allows you to fly in the sky and to see the beautiful scenery from the high place. Paragliding is a nice experience, and you can try it in one of the ten sites mentioned above.