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Top 10 gay cities around the world

In some part of the world, when male and male or female and female walk hand in hand closely, kiss publicly, or do something unusual, other people will feel weird, and they may criticise those partners. However, this situation is quite simple now. As we can see that some countries celebrate annual ceremony such as parade for gays, and gay marriage opens wisely and publicly as a result of human rights. Therefore, below list is the top 10 gay cities around the world.

top 10 gay cities in the world
top 10 gay cities in the world
  1. New Yorkis the birthplace of gay life. Gay life was first taken place at BigApple in New York, and now it is extended to other regions such as Greenwich Village and Chelsea. the movement of gay life in New York shows publicly and gains a lot of supports as there are bars, clubs, shops, romantic restaurants, and amusement places established for gay partners; they can go there both at the day time and the night time. There are not only sort of these places, but there is also Gay Pride Parade celebrating in every June. This ceremony attracts many travellers around the world to come to New York.
  2. San Francisco If you visit San Francisco, you will get shocked of gay life at there because many ceremonies or celebrations celebrate for gays throughout the year. San Francisco is the original place that has same-sex marriage. In San Francisco, you can notice rainbow flag hanging on apartment windows and bar entrances that represent for gay unity.
  3. Berlin is another biggest gay city in the world. Klaus Wowereit, the gay mayor, declared that: “I am gay, and that’s a good thing”. As Berlin provides nature of gay scenes, such as gay museum and gay memorial, it captures many gay’s attractions around the world.
  4. Barcelona Because it is a stunning city and because there are beautiful beaches shared its border, Barcelona becomes a gay destination place, and therefore many gays spend their terrific life with their partners by going to prestigious restaurants and Europe’s nightlife. Even in winter, Barcelona still is a best destination place for travelling to all gays in the world.
  5. Amsterdam Back to the early 1800s when homosexuality was acquitted and when Netherland claimed officially of same-sex marriage, and as a result the gay proportions rise up. Amsterdam is estimated that there are about 20% to 30% gays staying in this city. Surprisingly, in Amsterdam locates more than 100 bars and nightclubs, gay hotels, bookshops, sport clubs, choirs and support services.
  6. Sydney In 2002, Gay Game was hosted in Sydney. Also, there is annual tourist event-the Mardi Gras; a lot of people attend in this event so as to view something eccentric or relax. Moreover, gay culture structures a vocal, vital, well-organized and colourful part of Sydney’s social fabric.
  7. Madrid also is an enormous gay city due to the influence from its neighbour city-Chueca. Being Europe’s nightlife capital, Madrid is served as a 24-hour city where restaurants, hotels, and shops open till the late night. Gay marriage is legal in Madrid, and in addition, it is a gay destination place.
  8. London is the largest gay community lives in British capital among cities in European. Thousands of gay visitors travel to London to participate its Gay Pride Parade which is the world biggest Gay Pride Parade. There are hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs offering a special nightlife for gays; it is also the capital of theatre and gay arts.
  9. Paris is the world romantic city, especially at night time. It is the first city which is openly elected a gay leader. Many amenities place almost everywhere where are fashionable and hospitable for gay couples.
  10. Miami The hot weather, the hot bodies, and the hot night life affect many travellers including gay visitors to visit Miami. It is a best place ever for everyone comes to relax and get a tan. There are a lot of beautiful places for gays, one of them is Key West where is the home of gay community.

In brief, all the above cities are the top hit cities where consist of many gays in the world. When you visit those places, you will see a lot of gays carrying each other hands and spending life at prestigious places. Don’t feel strange of it, it become simple now in this new modern world.