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Top 10 Botanical Gardens in Europe

Botanical Gardens in Europe

If you are planning to go to visit Europe, you should make up your mind to visit botanical gardens which is one of the most relaxing and stunning place. Again, if you are a nature lover, botanical garden is the most suitable place for your trip. In Europe, some of the botanical gardens are antique gardens which were constructed for hundred years ago. Each botanical gardens contain some different kinds of species including its own native species. Botanical garden is also a place to conserve the rare and endangered plants or flowers. And now, here are the top 10 botanical gardens in Europe.

1. Kew Botanical Garden in London:

Situated in southwest London, 10 miles from the center of the city, the 121-hectare Royal Botanical Garden is the world well-known botanical garden and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are about 650 scientists work there, taking care of over 30000 different plants and more than 7 million specimens. Kew Botanical Garden is a garden for not only growing plants but also conservation. Each year, millions of people visit this botanical garden, and in 2009, it celebrated its 250th anniversary.

2. Edinburgh Botanical Garden in Scotland:

Edinburgh was founded in 1670 by Dr. Andrew Balfour and Dr. Robert Sibbald; it is used to planting medicinal plants. More than 15000 plant species and 3 million preserved specimens are located in there; therefore, it becomes one of the most visited botanical gardens in the world.

3. Generalife in Spain:

Built during dynasty of Granada’s Nasrid Sultna Muhammad III (1302-1309), Generalife, the botanical garden was redecorated by Abu I-Walid Isam’il. In 1931, this old botanical garden was reopened publicly and in 1951, it was completed by Francisco Prieto Moreno. The complex garden is sited a beautiful water-garden courtyard with a pool.

4. Nymphenburg Palace Garden in Munich:

Nymphenburg used to be a home of royals. In 1662, Elector Ferdinand Maria gave this land to his wife as a gift, and in 1664 it started to construct as a palace and garden. The garden was built in the purpose of adding the beauty to the palace and relaxing during summer.

5. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in France:

A spectacular botanical garden was constructed by Baroness Béatrice de Rothschild. It is located in the south eastern part of France along the Mediterranean coast at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Because it is the hot destination place for visitors and it earns an excess income for the country, the French government declared that it is the Notable Gardens of France.

6. Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York:

Founded in 1910, the tourist destination botanical garden is visited by over 900000 tourists each year. There are a number of different plant collections, inner gardens, the Steinhardt Conservatory, 3-climate themed plants pavilions, art gallery and the like.

7. Denver Botanical Garden in Denver, United States:

Containing of North America’s largest cold-temperature collection of plants from all over the world, Denver botanical garden’s total dimension is 23 acre. This 23 acre botanical garden also includes a conservatory and an amphitheater which makes a concert in every summer.

8. Botanical Garden in Zurich, Switzerland:

In Riesbach district, here is a mystical botanical garden which is the place of thousands of different plants and flowers. At here, there are many kinds of rare and endangered plants and flowers such as Magadascan Angraecum orchids, Christmas cacti and Chinese snowball flowers. This botanical garden is opened every day to public viewing and the entrance’s fee is free.

9. Wellington Botanical Garden in New Zealand:

This 61 acre botanical garden is on the slope of the Table Mountain, there is a wide range of collection of plants including the native plants. Also, the Wellington botanical garden provides a spectacular view and a sweet smell. You can visit there by cable car.

10. Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney, Australia:

Founded in 1818, the royal botanical garden is located on the site of Australia’s first farm. Sited next to the most famous place in Australia-the Opera House, Royal botanical garden features more than 7500 species in its own individual garden.