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Top 10 the Best Street Foods in China

street foods in China

China is the biggest country of its population, and it is one of the largest countries in term of its geography. In China, there are many beautiful places to visit, plenty of amused park and a variety of things to do. One of the best things that you should not forget to enjoy during the visit is to taste street foods in China. Therefore, eating street food should be in your must-do list in China. Below are the top 10 the best street food to taste in China and all of those street foods you can find in every region in China.

1. Kaolengmian:

It is mad of some kinds of noodle rolled out into thin slab, and it is filled in with some kind of Chinese sausage and onion or parsley best on your favorite. It is braised with eggs; you can decide your favorite taste: sweet, salty, sour, spicy, extra sweet or salty, then the sellers will make for you right away. One Kaolengmian costs only 5 Kuai.

2. Kebabs (Chuanr: 串儿):

Chuanr is one of most popular street food in Asia. It is made from meat such as lamb, squid, beef, pork and the like mixed with tasteful ingredients; skewered to bamboo stick and barbecued on grill. You can find Chuanr almost everywhere at the roadside in China.

3. Dumpling (Jiaozi: 饺子):

Filled of vegetable and/or meat and steamed in the bamboo pan, dumpling is a best treat for having breakfast. The best dumpling is said to have thin skinned and full of juice whereas the street food dumpling is thicker skinned, more meat or vegetable.

4. Chinese Hamburger:

Similar to European hamburger, Chinese street food is made of stewed meat, chopped, stuffed in a pitta bun and swabbed of chili sauce, the main ingredient that makes Chinese hamburger delicious and distinctive taste is in the stew that vendors put chili; cumin and Sichuan pepper inside the hamburger.

5. Candied Haws (Bing Tanhulu: 糖葫芦):

Candied haw is a popular street food in China, especially in the central Beijing. Candied haw, skewered to bamboo stick, its taste is sweet and a bit sour. You will also find other candied fruits filled with bean paste.

6. Noodle Soup:

A bowl of noodle soup is topped up with sausage or chicken drum sticks; soup is put of chili and Sichuan pepper. There are many different kinds of noodle soups based on each region in China, and all of those kinds of noodle soups are extremely mouth-watering street food. Different kinds of noodle soups provide a different and delicious taste, and you will not get bored of tasting.

7. Chinese Crepes (Jianbing: 煎饼):

Chinese crepe is made of scallions, fried egg, lettuce leaf, chili sauce and a crunchy center of crisp fried dough. All of these ingredients wrap together and put over the fried pan. You will find different taste of Chinese crepe at different places. It is not a healthy food but a delicious street food.

8. Buns (Baozi: 包子):

The main ingredients of bun are similar to dumpling; all ingredients such as meat and vegetable are wrapped within the bun before steamed in the pan. The difference between two of them is bun is made of thicker dough so as to look like a bun-shape.

9. Sticky Tofu (Choudoufu: 臭豆腐):

Sticky tofu does not look or smell attractive to eat, but it is very delicious. The stickier of the smell is, the tastier it is. It is one of the best street foods that you must try before you leave China.

10. Hot Pear and Jujube juice:

This kind of street food is preferable during winter that the temperature goes down 0 degree Celsius. The local people drink this to keep themselves warm; it is very delicious. It is very cheap for a plastic glass of pear, Red Date (Jujube) and rock sugar juice.