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Top 10 best shopping streets around the world

Traveling to another country besides the business or healthcare purpose, visitors the first and the enjoyable thing to do is shopping. And yet, shopping along the street is very convenient and atmosphere-friendly; you can take a window-shopping first before make up your mind to buy those kinds of goods. Here are going to introduce the top 10 best shopping streets around the world that are the fashionable and luxurious boutiques.

hopping streets around the world
hopping streets around the world

1.Fifth Avenue, New York: While the popularity of new shopping malls in New York increases, the Fifth Avenue is known as the best and the most expensive shopping street in the world. The Fifth Avenue is full of expensive department stores, designer boutiques, and attractive window displays, especially during Christmas season.

2.Bond Street, London: It is located in the West End of London, and it might be Europe’s busiest boulevard. Bond Street is known as the most fashionable shopping street since the 18th century, as well as the home of the most expensive shops. Despite of having not enough budgets to afford the cost of those products selling at the Bond Street, you can take a window shopping instead.

3.Avenue Montaigne, Paris: Avenue Montaigne is the home of luxurious, fashionable and elegant stores; there are many well-known branded shops located at this shopping street, such as Dior; Channel; Louis Vuitton; Fendi; Valentino and Ralph Lauren. Avenue Montaigne is situated at the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

4.Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich:  Bahnhofstrasse, the main downtown of Zurich, is one of the most exclusive addresses of the world. Along the streets, there is line with greenery trees, and therefore, it is a pedestrian-friendly shopping streets. The Bahnhofstrasse shopping street is end with one of the world most famous watch store, i.e., Swiss Watches.

5.Via Montenapoleone, Milan: Milan, the fashionable paradise and the center of stylist and elegant boutiques, exist a best shopping street-Via Montenapoleone. You can find both Italian and non-Italian designers at there, and there are many world brands companies having their headquarters and offices on this street, such as La Rinascente.

6.Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California: Rodeo Drive is known as one of the most glamorous and glitziest shopping streets; it is the place that the rich and the famous get their haut couture fashions to show off sumptuous on the Hollywood’s red carpets.

7.Ginza, Tokyo: Ginza is not a street but a comprising district of eight blocks, and it is known as the luxurious and fashionable department stores, retailers and window displays. At night, the colorful and fluorescent lights make the city be a place of a gray life city.

8.P.C. Hooftstraat, Amsterdam: P.C. Hooftstraat, the pleasant shopping street, is located down side of the city’s top museum. You can find local brands products selling at there, and it is a pedestrian-friendly shopping street.

9.Stroget, Copenhagen: Stroget is the world longest pedestrian shopping place; the reason that makes it famous for is it is located next to traffic where you can take a short break at the nearby café. Even though there are many luxurious stores, you can find suitable chain stores where you can afford to buy.

10.Laugavegur, Reykjavik, Iceland: At Laugavegur shopping street, you can find all kind of goods, such as accessories, cosmetics, books, music discs, leather goods, and handmade knitwear and woolen goods. Laugavegur is the best shopping place in Iceland that there are a lot of elegant shops as well as local shops.