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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cyclades Islands

In the south of Greece, there is a beautiful place, called The Cyclades. The Cyclades is considered as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The nature view of mountains, white cubistic villages and sandy beaches makes the Cyclades be the perfect tourist destination place. After the Cyclades were discovered, more and more people go to visit to explore more about its hidden beauty, prehistorical sites and the legend of Greek mythology. The Cyclades exist a lot of beautiful islands, and now we would like to briefly introduce the top 10 most beautiful Cyclades Islands. If you wish to visit the Cyclades, the best season to go there is during summer season which is the most beautiful scenery season.

1. Santorini


Santorini is the most beautiful and popular site in Cyclades Island. Also, it is number one of top tourist attractions in Greece. Santorini is beautiful for its cliff-hanging villages, Venetian castles, scenic wine country and stunning sunset. From Santorini Island, there are two famous villages, i.e., Fira and Oia where you can sight the beautiful turquoise sea from the cliff side of two of those villages. Santorini is also the home of volcanic eruption; the view of lava flows attracts a number of people visit there.

2. Mykonos

Mykonos Mykonos is the one of the smallest of the Cyclades Island and the second hit as the beautiful place located in the Aegean Sea and also a part of the Cyclades Island group. Mykonos becomes famous for many reasons but one of those reasons is because of Mykonos buzzing nightlife and friendly atmosphere. There are a lot of modern buildings such as fashionable shopping mall, prestigious restaurants, café and bar, and the like. In addition, this cosmopolitan society attracts visitors regarding its two stunning town-Mykonos town and Ano Mera. In each town has its own attractive feature, the similarity of these two town is archaeology site from 16th century. You could wander around Mykonos by taking car, bus or scooter as Mykonos dimension is a small.

3. Paros

Paros One of the most picturesque island in the Cyclades, Paros features many beautiful sceneries; there are cobblestone streets, whitewashed buildings and vibrant vine of bougainvillea. It is very convenient to visit other islands in the Cyclades because the ferry in Paros connects form one island to another. Paros is also beautiful for its romantic restaurant bars and night clubs. A wide range of Paros beach begins from a remote environment to crowded environment where windsurfing competitions is always hosted.

4. Naxos

Naxos Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades and the home of Greek mythology (the childhood home of Zeus). During the middle ages, Naxos was invaded in the Crusades. The traditional clothes are still worn on this island, and the capital city is Chora where remains Greek temple; the best time to visit temple is during sunset. Naxos is close to many beaches where nude sunbathing is permitted.

5. Tinos

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The name for both island and its capital city is the same. Tinos is a holy place as well as ecumenical that is very significant to the Greek Orthodox and Catholic religions. Every year, Greek pilgrims come here twice to pray at Panagia Megalochari or Blessed Virgin Mary church. Tinos is famous and beautiful for its traditional villages, attractive beaches and well-known Greek artists. You can take a bus trip to visit all the villages in Tinos because those are linked by bus.

6. Ios

Ios The white-washed houses climb at the hillside, viewing stunning scenery. Ios is known as a party island where an enjoyable and amused dance took place through the whole night. Also, it is called as golden sand beach which is the best tourist destination.  

7. Milos

Milos is known as a colourful island due to its volcanic beginnings. From the sea, it ranges from blue to violet, including white and pink rocks. There are about 5000 people living there in the house of shoe shape, but there are more than 70 beaches located at there. During April or May is the best time to visit.

8. Antiparos

Antiparos Antiparos is a small island in the southern Aegean and you can visit there by taking a ferry ride. Its main city was built during 15th century; the oldest prehistorical villages in the Cyclades will be found beside Saliagos. A quite quiet island is beautiful enough to attract many visitors to drop by there every year.

9. Andros

Andros Andros is the second largest island in the Cyclades; its capital city is Hora where is drawn many tourists attention to visit and take photos because of its colourful and beautiful scenery. Visitors could view sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, hiking mountains and a Frankish castle built in the 13th century outside the city.

10. Syros

Syros Harbor Syros is the smallest island among all the islands in the Cyclades; it is quite a remote area. In spite of its small capacity, Syros has a high population rate in the Cyclades, and it is very beautiful island to gain experience of authentic Greek island culture.