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Top 10 Architectures in the World to See with Your Eyes

burj khalifa

Creativity, an ability to produce original and unusual ideas, has developed the architectures’ structures since the ancient time until these modern days. Nowadays, there are many incredible architectures that you may have never thought they could exist in this world. Some architectures are so strange that can blow your mind, yet they are also very beautiful. The innovation and design have brought this world with many impressive buildings. Now, we would like to introduce ten of those amazing architectures that you should see with your eyes.

1. United Arab Emirates:

Burj Dubai is the world’s tallest skyscraper which height is 829.8 m (2,722 ft). Not only does this building is tall, but also it is beautiful. That’s why it is considered as one of the architectures you should see with your eyes. You may say surprisingly “Wow!!! How tall it is” once you get there and look from the ground.

2. The Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik, Iceland:

The church name is Hallgrímskirkja. It is the largest church in Iceland and also the sixth tallest architecture in the country, at 73 meters. It is a masterpiece of State architect Guðjón Samúelsson. It was founded in 1945 and finished in 1986. At both sides, the height of the wings keep growing up until they reach the top, which makes this architecture become an impressive church ever.

3. The Basket Building, Ohio, United States:

Have you ever known what the largest basket in the world is? Some of you may have never. Well, The Basket Building is! It is a 7-storey, 180,000 square foot building which resembles an enormous picnic basket kept in a park. It is the headquarter building of LongabergerCompany—an American manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted maple wood baskets and other home and lifestyle products.

4. Aqua Building, Downtown Chicago, Illinois, United States:

is an 82-storey skyscraper which was designed by a team led by Jeanne Gang— the founder of Studio Gang Architects. The construction began in 2007 and finished two years later; costing around $300 million. Standing from a far distance, you will find this building ordinary. However, once you get closer and look up to the sky, you will see how amazing this building is. The outward balconies, along with irregularly shaped concrete floor slabs, lend the facade an undulating, ripple effect.

5. Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands:

is a range of houses designed by architect Piet Blom based on the concept of “living as an urban roof”. The top of the house is cubically shaped, while the pylon is hexagon-shaped. Each house represents a tree so that all of these cubic houses represent a forest; this is a main idea behind its innovation. In Rotterdam, there are 38 small cubes and two so-called super cubes which are all attached to each other.

6. The Crooked House, Poland:

or Krzywy Domek, is an irregularly-shaped building built in 2004. It was designed by Szotyńscy & Zaleski based onfairytale illustrations and drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. Its crooked design makes it become a strange architecture; yet it is genuine and interesting. What a creative idea!

7. Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada:

is a model community complex which was designed byMoshe Safdie—an Israel-Canadian architect. It looks like the arrangement of cubes that kids usually play. Habitat 67 consisted of 158 apartments, but the joints of several apartments have made the total number decrease. The complicated structure makes this building become a main attraction for Expo 67.

8. National Centre for the Performing Arts, China:

is an opera house located in Beijing. This is a masterpiece of a French architect named Paul Andreu. The exterior of this architecture features titanium and glass dome, and it is surrounded by a man-made lake. NCPA resembles an enormous egg; that’s why it is colloquially called The Giant Egg. It seems like there is an egg floating on the water. It is a fantastic architecture to be seen with your eyes!

9. Atomium, Brussels, Belgium:

is an atomically-designed building which was constructed for Expo 58 (1958 Brussels World’s Fair). This 102-meter-tall architecture was designed and constructed by André Waterkeyn who thought that an atomic structure would be more symbolic of the era. Atomium consists of nine 18-meter diameter stainless steel spheres which are connected to form a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion time. It is a must see if you visit Belgium!

10. Forest Spiral, Darmstadt, Germany:

or Waldspirale in German is a residential building complex which was designed by an Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The buildings are painted with different colors; they features some attractions such as onion-shaped domes, the absence of straight lines and sharp corners, the multi-colored painting of the building in earth tones and the colorful ceramic columns. In conclusion, there are many architectures on this planet; some are beautiful, ugly, strange, tall, large and so on. And they are all what you should see with your eyes directly once in your life. You may have different ideas; feel free to give us a comment!